​Why is adding a ULIP plan to your investment portfolio recommended?

When it comes to financial planning, having a balanced and diverse investment portfolio is essential. Unit Linked Insurance Plans (ULIPs) are unique among investment choices since they provide both investment and insurance advantages. In the same line, knowing the significance of health insurance, which offers financial protection against medical bills, is as important. 

What is health insurance?

Unlike ULIP, health insurance is a form of insurance that covers medical and surgical expenditures incurred by the insured. It can also compensate expenditures incurred due to illness or accident, as well as pay the care provider directly. It’s a critical precaution that allows people to manage healthcare costs without draining their savings.

Why adding ULIP to your investment portfolio is recommended?

Dual advantage

ULIPs are hybrid products which offer the features of life insurance as well as investment. This way, you can save money for the future and protect yourself from various life risks at the same time by investing in different financial tools that are linked to the market. This dual benefit makes ULIPs a popular choice for those who want to manage life risks and create wealth. 

Goal-based savings

ULIPs are meant to assist you in meeting certain financial objectives in the long run. No matter whether it is for buying a new home, funding your children’s education, or planning your retirement, ULIPs can be made to suit these goals and offer the financial backing for the significant events in your life. 

Flexibility in investment

An advantage of ULIPs is the flexibility of selecting between various types of funds, including equity, debt, and balanced. It means that investors can choose an investment plan that meets their risk profile and financial objectives and rebalance the portfolio when necessary due to market fluctuations or other reasons. 

Tax benefits

There are several tax benefits associated with ULIP investments. These premium payments are tax-exempt as per the provisions of Section 80C of the Income Tax Act. In addition, the benefits received at the time of maturity or death are free from tax under Section 10(10D) thus making it a tax-friendly product. 


ULIPs are very transparent with regular portfolio statements and clear declaration of all charges that can be levied. This transparency assists the investors in knowing where they are putting their money and the expenses incurred in the process. 


ULIPs provide liquidity after the lock-in period of five years. One can partially withdraw from the fund when faced with an emergency, which makes it more secure and convenient. 

Top-up investment

ULIPs also provide an option to invest more money through top-up premiums. This feature is especially helpful when the market is bullish or when you have excess cash to invest in the market. 

Switching options

To improve the management of investments, ULIPs offer an option of fund allocation switches. This can be particularly useful during high volatility or when you want to adjust your risk exposure, thus maximizing the yields while minimising the risks.

Long-term investment

In this way, ULIPs, as long-term investment products, can take advantage of the long-term development of markets. This long duration is useful in the accumulation of capital and getting good returns on investment. 

Returns potential

ULIPs particularly those invested in the equities are capable of producing high returns for investors. This market-linked growth can outperform other more conventional avenues of fixed-income investment substantially. 

Risk management

The insurance part of ULIPs offers a safety net for your family in your absence so that they do not have to bear any financial loss. This life cover plays a vital role in managing risks in personal finance.

Customisation with riders

ULIPs also allow the inclusion of extra riders like those with critical illness or accidental death. These riders increase the policy’s coverage beyond the basic terms of the policy as stated in the policy document.

Retirement planning

ULIPs can also be effectively utilised for planning for retirement by investing in pension-oriented funds. This not only assists in creating a good retirement fund but also gives life coverage throughout the policy period. 

Wealth creation

The methodical approach to investing in ULIPs helps in building wealth over the long term to meet different financial needs and objectives.

Fund performance monitoring

The daily updates on the performance of the fund and features of tracking the investments online make the process more transparent and allow making the right decisions regarding the changes in the portfolio.

Regulated framework

ULIPs are controlled by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI), which means they have to follow certain rules and regulations, which in turn provides a level of safety for the investors.

Inflation protection

ULIPs’ investment component helps safeguard your savings against inflation, retaining the buying power of your money over time, as opposed to typical insurance plans, which frequently fail to keep up with inflation.

Automatic rebalancing

Some ULIPs provide automated rebalancing, which changes your portfolio’s asset allocation based on your age and declining risk tolerance as you approach retirement, ensuring a suitable risk-return profile.

Market linked growth

The linking of ULIPs to market performance allows for potentially larger returns than standard insurance policies, making them an intriguing option for growth-oriented investors.

Comprehensive financial planning

ULIPs serve as a comprehensive financial planning tool by combining life insurance, investment growth, and tax benefits, allowing you to create a balanced financial portfolio that meets both your present and future needs.

Conclusion: Invest in ULIPs for a financially secure tomorrow

Adding the best ULIP plans to your investment portfolio not only diversifies your investments but also enhances your financial security through multiple channels—tax savings, insurance cover, and potential high returns. It is a comprehensive financial instrument intended for both protection and growth. As we progress through life phases, holding a ULIP can bring peace of mind because of its extensive coverage and investment advantages. Investing in ULIPs today is a start toward building a strong financial future, ensuring that you are well-prepared for tomorrow’s uncertainties.

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