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Increase Your Brand Awareness with Google Ads

Any good Digital Marketing Agency in Melbourne, or anywhere else for that matter, will tell you that Google Ads is a very important tool for businesses. However, most businesses concentrate their Google Ads campaigns run together with a Google Ads Agency, on selling their products and services to increase sales and revenue. What they don’t realise is that it is a great tool to create or increase brand awareness.

Google Ads done right through a Google Premier Partner in Melbourne, are efficient and effective. And you can target your ads to specific audiences, making it more relevant. Not only that, but you can research and bid on the most appropriate keywords which consumers will use to search for similar products and services as yours, and use these to your advantage. So when a potential customer uses these keywords in a search, your ad will be displayed to them, prompting them to visit your website. As any Digital Marketing Agency in Melbourne will tell you, even if a customer doesn’t click on your ad, they will still see it and this is where brand awareness kicks in.

Building a brand is an important aspect of any business. Consumers will more than likely go ahead with a known brand than an unknown one, so there is no place for unknown entities in the world of business. The more you invest in brand awareness together with your partner Digital Marketing Agency, the more you can reach your sales and revenue goals, and with it business growth.

There are many ways of increasing brand awareness through Google Ads, using a PPC Agency in Melbourne.

Sitelinks – Sitelinks are links to a website’s subpages, and appear under the main listing. Any Lead Generation Agency will use sitelinks to help the business create awareness about new products and services among its audience. The best part about this is that you can do this under your current campaign budget, rather than creating new and separate ad campaigns for it.

Text Ads 

Search Text Ads created by an experienced Digital Marketing Agency are also a great way to build brand awareness. Text Ads appear on Google results pages and consist of 3 headlines and up to 30 characters. When someone clicks on your Text Ad, you can consider it as the first step to gaining brand recognition for your business. Text Ads also use methods in SEM Management, where a user will not search for a specific brand, but a product or service they require.


Although you might think that remarketing isn’t really something you do for brand awareness, it does have its positive points. Remarketing is essentially targeting people who have previously visited your website, and it is an effort to rekindle the interest they had in certain products or services when they first visited your website. It is a great technique used by any Lead Generation Agency, and works well for creating brand awareness and brand recognition.

Google Display Network 

A Google Ads Agency who is also a Google Premier Partner will tell you that this is a great tool to build brand awareness as it consists of several different targeting methods to choose from, making your targeting approach very specific. The Google Display Network is in effect Google’s network of sites and apps where you can display your ads. Responsive display ads are the ideal format to be used here, which are low cost and get the desired results, although they might not be the most attractive of ad formats. Through the Google Display Network, your ad is displayed all over the internet. What more can you ask for to create brand awareness?

If you are looking to partner with a recognized Google Ads Agency in Melbourne to work on increasing your brand awareness, together with increasing traffic and conversions, it is always recommended to work with an agency that has obtained the status of Google Premier Partner, or anywhere in the world, since these agencies have the right amount of experience, know-how and success rate to make your campaigns return the results that you are looking for.

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